Food Art and Installations

Hailed by Dom Perignon as one of the top 3 food artists in the world, Wolfe creates participatory artwork that is a hybrid of performance art, installation, sculpture, and happenings. The pieces are often staggering in scale and sensually arresting, employing a wide range of media, both durable and ephemeral.

Guests are encouraged to partake in his work, breaking the traditional boundaries of art institutions and engaging senses usually forbidden in or absent from museum and gallery contexts.

His ‘’Inside the Cake’’ installation, that has been requested by Moet Hennessy, incorporates performance with experiential taste, inviting guests inside the installation to have a taste and trigger their positive scent memories. He has also created over 25 luxury art piñata designs that are a big hit at biennales and soirees of all spectrums.

Wolfe studied his art foundation at Parsons and graduated from the French Culinary Institute NYC and later at the Ecole Ferrandi Paris. He is based in London’s East End and works globally.

Inside the cake

Food Art Pinatas

Strawberries and Merengue

Alice in Wonderland


Tom Wolfe Artworks

Perfume and Food

Dolls and Food

Take what you are given

Cup Cake Salon



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